Visitor Research Local Museums – Demographic

Although I felt that a section of the target audience would be people who already had an interest in Feng Shui, I wanted to look at who actually visits our museums.  This way I could design the site for a demographic so they get the best possible user experience.  Initially I didn’t find it easy to decide on the demographic and felt this research would help me with this – I could then focus my persona research on a particular demographic.  Firstly I looked at local museums.


Hull City Council published a press release dated 10 April 2015 which stated that ‘Visitor figures for Hull’s Museums and Galleries had topped half a million visitors, with a total of 505,647 people having experienced one of Hull’s free cultural venues in 2014/15 ; a 4.2 per cent increase from 2013/14’.

The press release listed the Streetlife Museum as most popular with 131,131 visitors and Ferens Art Gallery a close second with 124,608 visitors.

The 4.2 rise in visitors in 2014/15 from 2013/14 gives clear indication that our museums in Hull are attracting more visitors due to new exhibitions and promotions.  Although this research was informative it didn’t tell me the demographic of these visitors so I continued my research  and looked at National Museum statistics.

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