Amy Johnson Exhibition at Hull Streetlife Museum

When I first visited the Hull Streetlife Museum I was disappointed to see only a small area of the Museum dedicated to Amy Johnson.  Amy Johnson was born and grew up Hull and as a Hull girl I felt this exhibition should have been a larger telling Amy’s story, especially as the museum is in Hull and has lots of forms of historical transport on display.  This is where I got my original idea from for this project I wanted to create an app to tell Amy’s story of her life and her solo flight to Australia.  This way even though the display was small visitors could learn more about Amy Johnson interactively through the app.

This is the window display dedicated to Amy Johnson at the Hull Streetlife Museum





In the window display the story of Amy’s life and achievements are told on story boards for visitors to see.











There is also a short video continuously running telling the story of Amy’s solo flight to Australia; the video was created by Daryl Farr whilst an animation student at the Hull School of Art and Design.