Discovery Phase

Discovery stage banner

Before beginning or creating any designs for the application I researched and worked through the discovery phase.  This will enable me to get a better understanding of the project, the audience and the goals of the interactive application.

Getting to know your audience – personas

To find out what the users of your website want time has to be spent researching who these users are and how they would need to and want use the website.  By creating personas for the different user groups you can then build a picture of how the website needs to work and look.

Descriptive words

These are the words which you will see frequently used whilst working through the discovery phase and talking to the users.  They will be brought to light and voiced whilst researching personas and creating the user journeys and will start to describe the project.

Mood Boards

A mood board is a collage or collection of images.  Mood boards will help to capture the feel of the project and website  and illustrate this visually.

Style Boards

A style board portrays the story of the website and can include proposed typography, proposed colour schemes and images which represent the clients brand and how they portray this.

Colour Theory

From the user journeys and also the mood and style boards a picture of how the site needs to look and feel will be created and colour used on the website can help represent this.