Local Museum Research

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For this project I firstly visited museums in Hull to see how interactive their exhibitions were and how they use technology to connect with their visitors.  I visited the Hull Maritime Museum, Wilberforce House Museum and the Streetlife Museum; each museum did have some interactive exhibits although these were quite limited.


Maritime Museum, HullIMG_2569R

Here I asked the museum guides how they would like to see the museum develop interactively, they suggested QR codes they felt this way visitors could connect with the exhibits quickly and it would bring the museum more up to date.

In the museum televisions run short videos, a small number of chairs in front of the televisions invite visitors to sit and watch.  Other interactive displays consist of a push button exhibit, screens showing videos fishing videos and an area where you can dress up in waterproof clothing.


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I spoke with the museum guides at the Maritime Museum and asked them how they would like to see the museum become more interactive.  They thought QR codes would be a good way so visitors could interact using their own mobile phones.


Wilberforce House, Hull











When I visited Wilberforce House many years ago the house had lots of period furniture and you could see how people of that era had lived and get a feel for their lives.  This furniture has now all been removed and replaced with lots of boards of informtaion for visitors to read about William Wilberforce’s story and the abolition of the slave trade.  I did find the museum very interesting there were lots of exhibitions although not many were intereactive.

Audios played in some rooms of the museum through a speaker system telling stories for visitors to listen to while they viewed the exhibits helping them connect with that area of the museum.

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Visitors are also able to download a free audio tour with a more detailed guide of the whole house for them to listen to whilst visiting the museum.




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An interactive touchscreen video told how the building Wilberforce House itself had changed over time which I found very interesting.





Streetlife Museum, Hull

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Of these three initial museums I visited the Streetlife Museum was the most hands on and interactive.  With lots of historical modes of transport including bicycles and trams which you could sit on as if about to travel somewhere and shop settings which you could enter and view products on the shelves as if back in that era; this all gave an excellent feel for how people traveled and shopped in the past.

The Amy Johnson display at the Streetlife Museum.

This is where I got the initial idea for this project and what to base my interactive app on.





Social Media Interaction

Throughout all three museums twitter tags were displayed on exhibits encouraging visitors to tweet about there visit to their friends and twitter followers.











Hull Maritime Museum











Hull Streetlife Museum