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Science Museum, London

As one one of the top interactive museums in the UK whilst in London I visited the Science Museum .  It was interesting to see the various exhibitions and the different ways each exhibition interacts with visitors.  A lot of the exhibits are hands on and are ideal for families and are a great way to learn about the various subject areas.

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I was very interested to see Amy Johnson’s aeroplane which she used on her solo flight to Australia Jason, a De Havilland Gipsy Moth.  It is on display in the Flight Gallery at the Science Museum.  Speaking to a guide at the museum I learnt the damage and dents in the planes undercarriage was due to several of Amy’s hazardous landings.

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Victoria and Albert Museum, London

I also visited the Victoria and Albert Museum to see how I could interact with the exhibitions and how they use technology to do this.

The museum as well as the traditional paper map has an interactive map which was ideal to find our way around, many of the areas had hands-on exhibits and these were indicated on the map by the hands-on symbol.  The map is accessible via the link below; visitors can use their mobile phones to access it without any added cost.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 10.08.05

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Link to the interactive map





This is the paper traditional version of the map of the museum.  It does contain a lot of information so it is ideal to have an interactive version of the map.

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Many of the individual galleries had interactive exhibits ranging from touch objects to videos, to digital interactive.  These are some we experienced:

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You are able to put your hands inside armour gauntlets and feel their weight.

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The museum uses every available space with videos playing in the ceiling alcoves.