Contextual Project Evaluation

This project has been a huge learning curve for me.  From the beginning when I had little or no knowledge of design principles or the software skills needed.

Things that I have learnt –

  • Project planning tools – Tom’s planner
  • Design tools – Adobe photoshop, Adobe Colour, Adobe Illustrator
  • Discovery phase – persona, style approach, mood boards
  • Importance of colour in design and using the correct fonts
  • Wire framing
  • Presentation tools – Prezi, InVision, Powerpoint

Areas that I need to look at and research more in the future:

  • Screen resolutions
  • Website/app navigation
  • All areas of the design process

Possible further app development:

  • Only designed for iPad in horizontal view needs also to be designed in vertical view
  • Could be developed further to work on visitors mobile phones

I looked to create an app which would engage visitors more and allow them to interact with the exhibition already in place at Sewerby and make their visit more interesting.  I have looked to include sight and sound engagement with the exhibition via the app which was my intention and I feel I have done this through QR codes, question areas, video and music.  In the app I did originally have three questions on each page relating to the boards of information but changed this to two questions on each page as I felt three was too many and visitors would loose interest after two.

Working through and following the Discovery Phase principals really helped me with this project.  The Discovery Phase and the idea of creating personas was something totally new to me, I understand now how each step of the discovery phase is extremely important in designing the best possible user experience and overall this is an extremely important design principle.

Have I been able to keep to Tom’s Planner schedule? Time management was a problem for me as I needed to learn the design tools having not used the Adobe Suite of programs before.  The research phase of the project I kept to the timescales, it was when I started designing that I feel I began to get behind my planned project schedule.  I had hand sketched ideas it was transferring those ideas into photoshop so that I could get a better feel for how the design would look, now looking back I feel I have a good basic knowledge of photoshop which I can develop further and I would also look at Adobe illustrator more and see how this compares.

I have used Moqups to design my wireframes, with future projects I want to learn and look at other wire framing tools including Balsamiq so I can then compare which I feel works the best and be used and developed further through the design process.

As this was a conceptual project I felt I could give more time to the design process and learn more about each step which will make it easier for me to transfer these skills onto new projects I work on.

My research into touchscreen we use in everyday life was quite eyeopening I don’t think we are always aware that new technology is being used more and more in public places and everyday life we just become more accustomed to it.

I was happy with the final design although I was disappointed I was unable to develop the game further, mainly due to time constraints.  I looked at Adobe After Effects to demonstrate how visitors would interact with it, this is something I would like to learn more about.