Creating a Brand

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For this exhibition I would look at Ferens Art Gallery and the brand – relating to the Gallery.  At the moment all the museums in Hull are grouped together under one umbrella – Hull City Council : Museums and Galleries (Hull Culture and Leisure Ltd) it does not have a brand of it’s own.

These are the areas I would look at and what the brand should say:

  • decide what style is appropriate for the brand, what is the mission statement or your key message?
  • What makes the Gallery different (Unique Selling Point)?
  • Who are you aiming the message(s) at?
  • What are the key values which guide the Ferens Art Gallery ?
  • What kind of ‘personality’ does your Gallery have?

The brand is the perception that people would have of the Ferens Art Gallery and is everything relating to the Gallery and how it is portrayed as a collective.

What is brand identity?

Brand identity or brand style is the visual image which projects the brand the way you want people to see the brand.  Brand identity could be displayed via a logo.

Some brands use hidden meanings in their logos to inspire curiosity. Although these hidden meanings usually only reach people on a subconscious level, the logos tend to be among the most memorable.

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Brand Identity – Ferens Art Gallery

My idea for the logo for Ferens Art Gallery is from the columns at the entrance to the building.

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They imply ‘history, strength, power’.  To keep the logo simple I have only used 2 colours in both designs and a single column.  I used a historical font for the capital F for Ferens.

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Ferens Art Gallery Logo Design

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Research – The V&A brand

Branding is a very important part of the marketing process, and one that the V&A is currently making a major priority.

Brand is a shorthand term for the process of examining;

  • What the V&A does
  • What the V&A stands for
  •  What the V&A means to different people, with a view to establishing and communicating clear goals, both internally and externally.

The V&A has recently refreshed its visual and verbal identity (tone of voice) to create a clear brand identity which evokes a feeling about what the museum stands for and the way it behaves (the values it promotes). Everything that the visitor experiences is also a manifestation of the brand – from the exhibitions they attend, to the members of staff that they speak to, to the sandwiches they eat. Brand development and management is an ongoing process, but one of the most important of all.