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Offline Marketing:

Posters – on access routes to venue.

With my poster I tried to make it eye-catching through colour while still keeping it simple and stating where the museum is and how to contact them.  I wanted to get peoples attention so they would want to explore more and book tickets.

My poster design:


Local radio

Local Press Release – can promote with the Chinese New Year advertising and also in Entertainment News a section in the Hull Daily Mail (Saturday edition only)

Leaflets placed in local booking (City Hall) and tourism offices on quality card with more brief details on the reverse about the exhibition (A5 size or less so can fit in racks).



If the wording and information is at the top of the leaflet it would be easier to see/find in a rack of similar leaflets.




Include in local ‘Whats on guide

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Take over an empty shop in a shopping centre – take the museum to the people and give them a taster and more information – Prospect Centre – cost implication?

Mailshots – local schools, tour operators, coach operators,club and society organisers, local B&B’s and local hotels.

  • send with mail shots – posters and flyers and a number of discounted tickets (incentives).

Create an event aimed at media coverage i.e. the opening of the exhibition possibly with a personality opening the event or a record attempt and invite local press, national press, societies or groups with specific interest in subject are, or anyone with influence who would come!


Advertise in Tourist Publications, The Regional Tourist Boards, the English Tourist Board and other agencies who have many publications aimed at the tourism market.


  • Advertise as a group of museums (less cost)  i.e. in Yorkshire.

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  • National Press

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TV – expensive