I feel I have learnt so much working through the different stages of this project. In the beginning looking back I feel I concentrated too much on the actual subject Feng Shui which took any buffer time I had allowed in my Tom’s Planner schedule.

Also looking back at my Tom’s Planner project plan research time allowed was not enough as I continued with my research throughout each stage; especially once I started the marketing section, this is something I will bear in mind when working on future projects and creating project plans.


I struggled initially introducing colour into my designs, Feng Shui represents calm and the flow of energy and I found it difficult to get this across without using a lot of white space.


Once I got into researching and looking at how to market the exhibition I enjoyed this section of the project. With the use of social media we can advertise to a mass audience extremely quickly and in turn monitor likes and shares and see which areas of our marketing is working best and if it is helping sales.


Now the project is complete it is difficult to see that a website for a temporary exhibition at museum would need a CMS system to administer it. The system would work well though if the museum planned future temporary exhibitions as the website or frontend could be amended easily without having to change any code.


With any future projects I want to look at the designs from a mobile first view and develop my knowledge of the best ways to do this bearing in mind the user experience.


Other areas I want to look at more:

  • Fonts and how they are used in design
  • Colour and how colour is used in design
  • Look more at low and high fidelity wire frames; time constraints did not allow me to develop my low fidelity wireframes further.
  • Look at other wire framing tools – Balsamiq
  • Prototyping
  • Coding and learning more about Foundation
  • Tables
  • Mobile First and Responsive Websites
  • Display resolutions and using ems rather than pixels