Google – Insights and Analytics (Current Website)

The business already has a Google Business account which has Google Insights included. Google Insights allows you to see the number of views your website has received in a specified period of time. I thought it good at this point to see how many views the current website was receiving before being revamped so these figures can be compared at a later date.


Google Insight results for for the last 30 days below which indicate the site received 16.3K views in the last 30 days (this was viewed on 23 April 2016):

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 07.53.59

The caravan site received nowhere near this number of bookings, by revamping the website design I will hopefully be able to turn more of these views into actual bookings.


Insights also gives a more detailed view below:

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 08.38.39

It is possible to see in the more detailed view that a large number of views are via the Google+ page, as another initial window to the business and entry point to the website this page needs to be kept up to date with photographs which will connect emotionally with the viewer. Google does state ‘values are approximate’ which could explain the difference in the 16.3K figure in the first image and the total 15,526 in the second image. Regardless of this these are still big viewing figures compared to actual bookings made so by improving the website this will hopefully improve bookings.









This does show