The Caravan and Camping Holiday Market

Before starting any designs I felt I needed to research the Caravan and Camping holiday market and found that over the past few years, caravan and camping sites have seen to be relatively resilient to the poor economic conditions that have shaken the United Kingdom.  The industry has seen slow growth thanks to the ‘staycation’ phenomenon. The challenging economic conditions have encouraged many to travel in the UK, making trips to campsites or holiday parks near the coast or in the British countryside, rather than forgoing a holiday altogether.

The weather can be a big factor in this type of holiday with some summers in the last decade being extremely wet. In 2012 the UK saw the second wettest year since records began in 2010, which would account for the drop in the market and people taking this type of holiday that year.

According to

  • Between January and August 2015, domestic camping and caravan trips had increased by 10% compared to the same period in 2014.
  • In 2014, UK residents took 13.3m camping and caravanning holiday trips in the UK, spending £2.1bn with 56m holiday bed nights being spent in caravans, tents and motorhomes.

Lower prices in petrol and fuel seen more recently will have helped as consumers have more money to spend on luxuries and leisure activities which could have fueled the recent growth in the market.

In December 2015 industry statistics reported by IBISWorld were:

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 14.09.54





According to John Worthington a Senior Analyst at Mintel ‘The imagery of gathering around the camp fire telling stories still possess an elemental power and connection with the outdoors.  Perhaps this is even more the case now in an age of growing social isolation and virtualised online social relationships’.

Further research from Mintel based on camping and caravanning experiences in the 3 years prior to January 2013 showed that:

  1. Of 2,000 Internet users aged 16+ when asked, “Thinking of camping and caravanning holidays, which of the following, if any, have you done in the past 3 years?

Figure 5
















Camping and Caravanning experience












This indicates that a large proportion do like to take this type of holiday with the majority choosing to camp.

  1. Graph showing ‘Volume Forecast of Domestic and Overseas Camping and Caravanning holidays 2012-2017. It is clear here to see the dip in 2012, the second wettest year since records began!

Volume Forecast













  1. From my research it is clear people taking this type of holiday enjoy the outdoors and nature. I found people thought they’re a great way for bringing the whole family together and a sense of freedom. Attitudes according to Mintel and shown below based on 2,000 internet users aged 16+:











4.  I researched how this market in Yorkshire compares to other areas in the country and found that:

Figure 6













Although Yorkshire is in the lower range, based on these figures it is clear a significant of holidaymakers do stay in the area.