App Design

Before starting work on any new design or ideas I looked into the areas below:


  • Usability: Your app has to be usable, if your audience can’t easily use the app, then they certainly won’t download it from the App Store. Usability makes a product useful, which is the first step in being desirable.


  • Affordance & Signifiers: The affordance is the function. Signifiers hint at affordance. For example, blue, underlined text indicates that clicking on it will take you elsewhere. Use signifiers correctly so users don’t need to think about what each UI element does.
  • Learnability: You want users to instinctively know how to use an interface. Familiar patterns and navigation help a new user easily acclimate to an app.
  • Feedback & Response Time: Feedback lets users know if a task was completed or not. It can be very simple, or more complex you need to make sure your feedback is friendly, human, and responds within the expect time scales.