Evaluation of Current My Sketch App

  • Colour scheme throughout is not inspiring.
  • Once selected ‘Take a Photo’ you cannot go back to the previous screen easily.  You have to take a photograph and then navigate back to initial screen.  ‘Go back a page’ functionality is an issue on some other screens too.
  • Functionality and navigation is mainly good and easy to understand throughout the app which is a priority.
  • Christmas sketch styles are the the initial 3 sketch styles you see regardless of the time of year?
  • The app does have good user reviews mainly I believe because of its functionality and the transformation of images which it produces.  However I believe reworking of the colour scheme and the issues highlighted above will give a better user experience.

Initial page when entering the app below – the brown back ground is a theme throughout.  Brown can be thought of as overly conservative and boring and associated with the earth, stability and reliability and is not classed as an inspiring colour used to grab peoples attention.

 Christmas sketch styles