Enhancing Photography – Adobe Photoshop CS6

Whilst experimenting with photography for the site I quickly realised it’s quite difficult to get the perfect picture with the correcting lighting and focus.  I learnt that there are two ‘golden hours’ the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset when it is thought on a sunny day, the warm, diffused light at these times can transform your photos.  As it is not always easy to be taking photographs at these times I researched how using Adobe Photoshop CS6 I could transfer photographs to give them a different feel using filters and lens flares.

The images of the same photograph below show how I used curves and lens flares to alter the tone of each image.  I used these new techniques I learnt to enhance the photographs I used on the website.

bike3 bike2 bike1



































Through my research I found this article which helped when developing the images for the website: Emotion and hotel websites

Written by Martin Soler he believes – In choosing, hotels which I though similar to caravan sites guests will try to make a rational decision based on the three Ps:

  • Place
  • Product
  • Price

But the one factor that will affect the decision despite rational decision is emotion. With a great emotional impact hotels can pull guests beyond a purely rational decision.

Great photography is great emotion

To deliver a high emotional impact, a hotel must have great photography.

Here is an example of emotional impact in good photography.


Or this: