Corner House Caravan and Camp Site

Develop Future Considerations From Year 2

As part of my final year I plan to look back at the website I re-designed in Year 2 of this course for Corner House Caravan and Camp Site.  I plan to develop it further looking at future considerations I felt were needed at the end of Year 2.

Initially these are the areas I will look at to develop the website and business further:

Booking Deposits – Incorporate WooCommerce and look at accepting deposits for bookings online.

User testing – Continue with user testing and focus on different browsers and devices.

Google Analytics – Now the website is live – monitor and analyse Google Analytics.


Social Media – The Caravan Site already has a Pinterest account but I feel I need to develop this further and create a Facebook account so the caravan site has a better social presence.  Research other social media platforms to see which if any the caravan site would benefit from.

Business Cards – Create Business Cards to give to guests, merchandise and marketing.

Industry Research

Mintel Research Ltd –  Mintel Ltd report due out this year 2016 into the caravanning and camping market.