Target Market

Who is the Target Market and how would they use the website?

Before going any further with the project I wanted to look at and research who would use the website; who potential users would be and how they would use the site.  This way I would be able to identify the best people to discuss requirements of the site, functionality and what potentially would work best.  I wanted to also look at trends and how This research is an important part of the discovery phase as without it how do designers know what potential users want, for users to actually use the site they have to like what you have created.

The concept of the site is to allow users to search for non food products locally rather than having to wait for next day delivery at the earliest.  The idea is to make it easier for users to find the product they are looking for quicker and and easier, giving them the relevant information they then need.  As the concept does not have a specific ‘niche’ market at such it makes it more difficult to identify the target market the potential market is wide and varied.

Initially my research suggests potential users could age from 12 years – 90 years.  To segment and break this down I looked at competitors and how they identify the target audience.  By doing this it is possible to see actual purchase behaviour and what they did and not just what people might have expressed in.

Amazon – “Amazon targets the middle class & upper class people who have got hands on experience in the basic technology but don’t have time or prefer convenience” –

As the concept of the site is convenience and as the use of smartphone technology increases year by year through this research it has become clear that to develop this site on a mobile or tablet it would be better to create an app for users to download and interact with rather than have to connect with an online browser via mobile technology and use a mobile optimised version of the site.  My research below highlights how mobile technology usage has increased globally in recent years and is now more than desktop (Smart Insights):












App VS Mobile Site Usage – App Usage 90% of time (Smart Insights)

This diagram below highlights the vast difference in time spent on mobile apps versus browers.  This will definitely be the case for social media however the difference is huge and suggests the app is a contender and companies should not only develop a mobile optimised version of their website but should also consider and app to connect with their users.












Mobile Search (Smart Insights)

All my research to this point suggests that an app is the best way to go for this project however it was interesting to see as in the diagram below that ‘search is the most common starting point for mobile research’ and as this is the concept behind this project we are looking to move users aways from this as the most relevant results are not always listed in such search results.  If developed as an app the project needs to market the benefits to the consumer of using this app and not using general search engines.













This research has highlighted that:

The site needs to designed to ensure it is easy to use so users with low levels of technology knowledge will be able to grasp the functionality quickly:

Design and development in the following order as a preference for consumers using the site – app first, mobile, tablet and then desktop

Design and development focusing on firstly – a desktop CMS (content management system) to connect with existing EPOS, accounting and stock control platforms.

Marketing and advertising will play a huge part in the success of the app/site.

Demographic and Results of identifying a target audience – users of the site are:

Age range – 18 years – 60 years

Confident when using technology or have a willingness to learn if needed

Locality – local can be where ever user is when accessing the site.

18 years – 44 years – more inclined to use an app and regularly interact with it – look for most convenient route – mobile technology

45 years – 60 years – happy to use an app, more inclined to if good user experience when previously used the app – convenience, ease of use.