Why Mobile Apps Fail?

Now I have found that an app should be the first step in the design and development of this project I wanted to research other apps and why they are thought to fail.

Through research I found these to be the main reasons why they fail, with the majority being UX related and poor understanding of the user and not engaging the user as initially hoped:

  • Not solving a real world problem
  • Don’t understand the target audience
  • Too many or too less features
  • Too complex for users
  • Neglecting backend support
  • App optimisation techniques not used
  • Failure to listen to user feedback
  • Slow to change and adapt
  • Poor marketing
  • User Experience not good or engaging
  • Difficult to understand not simple

When designing and developing an app designers need to remember as mobile phones are portable users are interruptible and attention can be fragmented  and sessions short.  Users are thought to have an attention span equivalent to a 6 year old – source Outsystems.com