I researched fonts for the website, looking at font styles, fonts used on other similar advertorial websites and also on web sites related to children and reading.  Fonts are extremely interesting and selecting the correct font for a project is crucial.  They can convey the feel of the subject and project and can be very engaging.  The fonts below in the Harry Potter image are engaging and convey a feeling of storytelling.  The fonts are all different but work together to give a story telling feel and for the subject area.



Rivina font

The font below Rivna created by Tom White is a font which relates to the my clients area of work.  It is actually two fonts split into the outline with the option to fill the font with pencil sketch.  I decided against using this font as I felt it could make the site looked dated very quickly.





  • Multilingual Glyph Coverage
  • Free Commercial License
  • Handcrafted Style
  • Outline and Fill Styles
  • OTF File Format

This is the first font below which I have chosen and agreed with my client.

Font 1

Lettersmith – I choose this font as it is fun and encompasses the feel of the website.  It is a handmade font created and published by MakeMediaCo.  The cost of this font was $25 for 1 standard licence from Creative Market.



Once purchased I downloaded the font.



Standard Licence

I was able to purchase a standard licence for the font as my client does not intend to sell this end product or website.