Colour Scheme – Adobe Colour CC

After speaking with my client and through research this is the colour scheme which will be used throughout the website design.  I have looked to incorporate non-gender reflective, fun colours and colours which reflect trust and value.

Colour Scheme



The above colour scheme was created using Adobe Color CC

Orange (a blend of red and yellow) is associated with meanings of – energy associated with red and happiness associated with yellow.  Orange is also associated with joy, creativity, happiness and fun.  The color orange has high visibility and is often used to gain attention; I plan to use this in call to action areas.  Too much orange can imply cheapness and is often used for sales offers.

Purple is often associated with – royalty, luxury, ambition, intuition, it also represents creativity, intuition and magic.  Too much purple brings out irritability and impatience so should not be overused in the design.

Turquoise (which is a blend of blue and green) is associated with meanings of – energy, wisdom, creativity, friendship and joy.  Too much turquoise can affect users who can become over analytical and fussy.

These are examples of the chosen colours used below in various designs and colour schemes: