Zurb Foundation Version 6 – Creating a Static Version of the Site

To create a static version of the website before creating the WordPress Template I downloaded Zurb Foundation version 6.   As I am learning about code creating a static website will give me chance to learn code, test the layout and get the designs correct before moving onto developing the a theme in WordPress.

Zurb FoundationPress is a free open-source responsive front-end framework this means that users can not only download the source code for free but they can modify it and change it.  It was created in 2013  and has been modified ever since and is now classed as one of the world’s most advanced mobile-first web frameworks.

To begin I downloaded Zurb Foundation Version 6, this is a framework which is responsive and customisable.







Select Complete – Download Everything





These are the files which were downloaded onto my computer:





The CSS folder contains 3 files:





Foundation.css – which contains all the css written by Zurb (do not edit this file, put user created css in app.css)

Foundation.min.css – this is exactly the same file as Foundation.css but it is minified this means all the unnecessary spaces have been taken out making it as small as possible to faster to load.

App.css – this file is where I can enter my own css which will override the foundation.css file.