Fonts can make a big difference in how a reader interprets what they are reading before deciding on Lato as the font I will be using on this app I researched the best fonts to use and current font trends.

Typography used on mobile devices has to be different from what is used for larger screen sizes, typography which is intricate and thin can be difficult to read this has to be taken into account when choosing a font especially for web accessibility, the text needs to be readable for all users of the app.  This is especially the case with mobile as mobile devices are will have different external conditions i.e. lighting, movement and internet connection all relate to the readability of the screen.

Because mobile devices have a smaller viewing area/screen all information has to be displayed clearly and effectively, choosing a relevant font and font emphasis plays a large part in how users interprets the wording.  Wording on mobile apps should be displayed with the most important and relevant first as it is registered the quickest.

I have chosen to use Lato which is recommended as one the best 10 Google Fonts for mobile, web and print by  Lato is available via Google fonts as a web font and is open source and is available to be used privately or commercially so ideal for this app.  Lato is a san serif font with rounded letter details giving a feeling of warmth while its strong structure suggests stability and seriousness.  Lato is available in different weightings so allows emphasis to be placed on words giving depth and contrast to the design.

Other areas I took into account when choosing a font for the app:

Responsiveness and scalability – maybe not so much in this case because the app is being designed for mobile devices only but when deciding on a font which is for desktop and mobile devices it is important the designer chooses a font which is scalable and works well on all the devices or if not use media queries in the code and use different fonts for the different devices.

Performance – how quickly does it load?  If a site uses lots of web fonts it may take longer to load and negatively impact the download performance of the site.  By choosing just the one font I am looking to avoid this.  Lato is also classed as a web safe font and classed in the Google family of fonts so widely accessible and via different browsers.














How to download a Google Font – this is a font I downloaded for another project.