System Data Flow

The diagram below visually illustrates how the system / app will work and how data can be accessed.

All data used by the system \ app will be stored in a database in a central storage area.


  • will transfer their local inventory stock data to this central database.  These transfers will run periodically automatically with an option to also transfer data manually as an when needed.
  • will have an area on the app to edit individual product stock levels and basic stock information.
  • will have an area on the app to create and edit offers and promotions for with either the whole store i.e. ‘10% off today’ or for individual products.


  • via the app will be able to search for local products with the option to filter the results on price and distance.

I envisage and want to keep the system as simple to use and function as possible concentrating on download speeds, user experience and accurate data so users return and have a good overall experience when using the app and service.