Colour Scheme

This is the final colour scheme for the project.  With this colour scheme and the new shades and colour so green I am looking to reflect the whole feel of the website  This process has highlighted how the colours used in the design of an app or a website cannot be chosen randomly as colours suggest and symbolise different meanings.  They can evoke different reactions in people and affect people differently this can be due to many different factors for example personal preference or cultural meaning.

Chosen colour scheme for the app:














The primary colour for the app is green, and will be used in the two main shades above.  More subtle gradients of these two shades of green will be used in larger areas i.e. the front screen as green connects with the countryside and environment it incorporates what the app symbolises.  These lighter shades of green represent the concept of the app as lighter shades of green can reflect energy and vibrancy.  The colour green itself represents wealth, health, tranquility and nature.  It is a preferred colour by both men and women and is an easy colour for the eye to process and has relaxation effects.





Orange as in the earlier colour scheme represents friendliness, enthusiasm and creativity.  It is a vibrant and energetic colour and can promote people to take action and attract impulse shopping.  In design orange commands attention without being as overpowering as red.  It will be used on the app to draw user attention and inform of any input errors or call to action buttons which need input or user interaction.






Both grey and black will be used for typography, grey represents neutral simplicity, calm, futuristic and logic while black represents power, luxury, sophistication and elegance both are strong clear colours and will be easy to read against the app background colour.

The colour scheme was created using Adobe Colour CC