Logo and Branding

A logo design is one of the most critical pieces of marketing for a business.  It’s a visual representation of your brand and what will make your brand memorable and easily recognisable.  In recent years brands have strove to make their logos clear and simple again increasing brand recognition, connecting our minds to the business in question without the need to see a name.  Having a well designed logo is all part of branding and creates trust, we are more likely to trust and buy from a business that appears polished and legitimate.  Emotional reactions we feel when recognising a brand and a logo are influencers as to how we react and how we make decisions relating to purchasing.  Successful companies establish themselves as leaders in their particular industries by building a strong brand.

Some easily recognisable logos and branding:


















Below are early sketches I made for the logo for this project and app:








From this I looked at other icon location logos as they are already recognised as indicators of a location.  I looked at how I could incorporate this location icon in a logo for ‘Need it Now’:







The location icon developed further with the addition of a magnifying glass suggesting ‘searching’ or looking for something.  Using two colours in the text makes the word ‘IT’ jump out to get peoples attention.  The colour green is used as discussed earlier to connect with rural areas and is a good background colour allowing the white text to clearly stand out.  This is the final logo and text for the app below: