User Journey 1 – Search For Item

This user journey shows and follows the path a user would take logging into the app and searching for an item.

  1. User selects ‘Welcome Back’ and proceeds to enter their email and then password.
  2. If the user is setup as a retailer and has a retail store or stores on the app then they are then prompted with the screen asking if they would like to ‘Search Now’ or ‘View Listings’.  If they user did not have any retail stores on the app then they would not see this screen they would go directly to the ‘What are you looking for?’ page.
  3. The user then enters the product they are looking for and then where about they are.  If ‘NeedITNow’ has already been granted access to the user location by the user then this will atomically default to their current location, however this can be overridden to an alternative location if required.   The search will then be based on these criteria
  4. Search results are then displayed on a map (in green) together with local store offers (in orange).  The offers do not always relate to the product being searched for they are there to inform the user of offers they may be interested in at stores in the same area listed on the app.
  5. Filter can select to filter search results on both or either price and distance.
  6. The user can then select the green location marker to view the store and see more information.  They then have the option to view directions to the store or contact the store.