User Journey 2

This user journey shows and follows the path a user who has retail stores listed on the app would take logging into the app and accessing the retailer area:

  1. User selects ‘Welcome Back’ and proceeds to enter their email and then password.
  2. If the user is setup as a retailer and has a retail store or stores on the app then they are then prompted with the screen asking if they would like to ‘Search Now’ or ‘View Listings’.  If the user did not have any retail stores set up on the app then they would not see this screen the user would go directly to the ‘What are you looking for?’ page.
  3. As the user does have a retail store selling via the app then this and any other retail store they have selling via the app is listed here.  They can then add another listing or click on the store image to move to the main retailer menu.
  4. The main retailer menu then has the options to Edit Listing Details, Edit Item Listing Details, View Feedback, View Favourites and setup of amend Offers/Discounts.