Cost of Developing an App

I researched the various ways of developing and app and the cost involved:

Freelance Developer Hire: 

  • Price per hour £30+
  • Can be found either by word of mouth or on Freelance related websites
  • Look for creditable references and past work history
  • Maybe preferred option if limited budget 

Agency Developer Hire 

  • Costs can vary depending on expertise and the actual agency. Can be from £100,000 – £350,000
  • More likely to be project orientated and therefore highly deliverable and time-orientated.
  • Project managed
  • Risk possibly less than hiring an individual freelance developer
  • Well established effective user testing included

OutSystems – Developer Platforms

  • Costs can vary from £30,000 to £400,000 depeneding on size of the app and integration.
  • Good option if large databases or data need sto be integrated into the app.
  • Outsystems is a low code option
  • Free version available allowing you to create one app. This way you are able to create a prototype or beta version of your app before any large scale development begins.
  • Large budget may be needed.

Payment for the development of an app is similar to a website and payments can be divided as below:

  • 25% Initial Deposit
  • 25% Approval Graphics/Wireframes/Prototype
  • 25% Approval Beta Version
  • 25% Approval & release Apple Store