Whist researching the development side of an App Outsystems stood out because it is used by industry and has won many awards.  It is a low-code, Enterprise Rapid Application Development platform.  It allows you to create, deploy, change and manage both custom mobile and web applications and could be used to develop this application quickly and efficiently.  It can be integrated with other systems with 90,000+ applications deployed worldwide.

It allows applications to be developed alongside and integrate with core existing systems and allows you to import existing data and also expand new data models to an application.

It has partnerships with major organisations and platforms in industry:

Outsystems allows you to visually design all the interaction screens which users will use to interact with the app across many different devices.

With Outsystems Integration Studio you are able to connect with existing systems and databases:

It has installable ‘add-ons’ to extend its integration capabilities:

A downside to choosing the Outsystems Platform is the cost as this project is conceptual I am able to look at this as an option.  If developed further the cost of choosing the Outsystems Platform may rule it out with budgets around £30,000 for a basic system.  Outsystems does however have an option to try for free for one app this will give a feel for the application and how quickly apps can be developed. Develop free version.