Changes to Website Designs

At this point in the project it was felt and agreed that the designs did not totally represent the essence of my clients role and her work and that the website looked corporate. I reassessed both the designs and the colour scheme looking to give a more childlike, fun and approachable feel to the website.

There is a lot of blue on the site which can look corporate which is something my client has said all along she does not want a cooperate feel to the website.  Up to now I have only shown my client the original design option so I wanted to look at other ways of designing the website.

These are the new designs below and incorporate new graphics and images:

Vector Graphics/Images

Vector images can look like cartoons and often feel childlike so ideal for the mood/feel I am looking to get across to the user through the design of the website.

The services section of the website is an area which I felt would work well with icon vector images.  Vector graphics or images are scalable and are ideal for responsive design; when you resize them they do not lose quality or become pixelated.  Not being overly familiar with vector images I researched the difference between them and pixel based images further below to the differences:

Comparison between a bitmap (pixel based) and vector graphic:

This design below reflects the feel I am looking to portray for the website through colour and imagery.  I plan to show this design to my client to see if she prefers this to the original design and which she would like to go ahead with.