Imagery for the Website

My client asked if she could provide the hero images for the ‘Homepage’ and the ‘My Story’ page of the website as she knew an illustrator who would create them. Once the colour scheme was confirmed and agreed with my client I gave her the # HEX values of the colours and not a screen shot image so the illustrator would be able to refer to the correct colours.

I felt I could trust my client however my initial concern in doing this was copyright issues making sure they where not copies of anyone’s work.

These are the images provided by my client and used on the website:


















My Story Page

















Book Images

My client has previously edited and worked on the Horrid Henry books and annuals and she did ask for permission to use images of Horrid Henry on the website but did not hear back from the publishers. As we did not receive permission I did not include any Horrid Henry imagery on the site due to legal and copyright issues. Before speaking with my client I researched this subject area on the following website:

Copyright notice: digital images, photographs and the Internet

It states ‘a user will usually need the permission of the copyright owner(s) if they want to perform certain acts, such as copying the image or sharing it on the Internet’.