Client Meeting – Monday 13 March 2017

I had a meeting with my client on Monday 13 March 2017 to agree and finalise the recent changes to the colour scheme and website design.  We have had email communication to discuss these changes but I felt it would be better to meet face to face and discuss all the changes so I could continue with developing the static version of the website.

At the meeting we:

  • confirmed the changes to the colour scheme (although this had already been agreed via email).
  • discussed the images for the ‘Home’ page and the ‘My Story’ page which my client is providing – these to include similar colours to the website colour scheme.
  • details of my client previous work/work experience so this can also be included on the website – possibly via icon  (to be decided/agreed) – client to provide this.
  • testimonial text to be included on the website – client to provide these.
  • discussed text for icon areas – ‘Publishers’ and ‘Other Services’ – client to provide this.

The meeting was very productive and it was good to discuss things and agree details face to face.  After the meeting my client emailed over the text required above (details below).












This is my reply (email) to my client to confirm the colours used on the website and let her know I will be in touch shortly to discuss the progress of the website.