Commercial Viability

You need to know if an app is commercially viable before any design or development. Research needs to be undertaken to establish this, if no research is carried out then developers are taking a risk funding and developing an app not knowing if there is a market for it.

I looked at this app and my research to question it if it were commercially viable and would potentially make money.

What is the market size or demand?

  • Potentially large target market – with users returning to the app when experiencing a good user experience and customer service.

Who are the competitors?

  • Large high street stores and online stores offering fast delivery and click and a collect option.

Is it a trend, fad or growing market?

  • Found that large high street stores are already looking to offer this service. Need to develop now to bring commerce to smaller rural retailers.

Who are the target customers?

  • The target customer or user base is potentially very large – all dependant on users returning to the app when experiencing a good user experience and customer service and word of mouth users informing others of their experience.

Does the App Solve a problem?

  • Yes solves the problem users experience when searching for a product they need quickly and also the problem of bringing money into rural economies.

Ways the App is commercially viable include:

Users pay a fee to download the app

Advertising on the app either by retailers

 Offers to retailers

  • Partnerships with retailers – their store and inventory is included on the app (initially this will be offered free to a number of retailers or at a lower cost to get this app to market)
  • Training packages offered to retailers – social media
  • Websites – offering a website development option to retailers where have a website designed and created with links to and from the app at a cost.

Potential Sale of the app once established with a user base.

 From my research the app does look to have potential to make money dependent on the user experience and functionality of the app, working with retailers and the integration of retailer data. All areas of the project and platform need to seamlessly work together to provide a good and successful overall experience to the consumer for the app to be successful.