Converting Static Site to WordPress

 Now I have created the static version of the website and my client has approved she is happy with it. Also after user testing I can now start to convert the static website into WordPress and a WordPress Theme. Allowing my client to use WordPress as a CMS so she will be able to update and administer areas of the website herself.

 I researched how to do this mainly watching the below video to help with this:








The WordPress folider is found ‘Applications’ (Apple) \ XAPP (the local server) \ htdocs \ WordPress (structure and files as below)

















The theme will be stored in wp-content \ themes. Here I created a folder ‘SallyByford’ to store the theme for this client project.








Create a file call index.php and leave it blank within the ‘SallyByford’ folder

I then created a file called style.css within the ‘SallyByford’ folder.  Edit the style.css file copying content from another style.css editing it to relate to this project.










Now we can activate the theme from the WordPress dashboard \ Appearance: