How the app is marketed will have a big impact on its success, marketing needs to reach potential users at the right time and place.  A strategic marketing plan needs to be put in place pre and post launch to reach as many potential users as possible.  With so many apps available to users the marketing of the app is extremely important.

The demographic target of this app is large.  Very few apps are ‘one of a kind’ or out to solve a unique problem, a marketing strategy has to get across why this app is different and what are the USPs.  How is it going to make life easier for users and why they should choose this app over others needs to be promoted in the marketing plan.

An App Landing Page or Promotional Website is a crucial part of the marketing plan.  It gives potential users information about the app and a feel for how it works and what it will look like this way they will initially see how and if it can benefit them and how they could incorporate it in their lives.  The landing page creates initial interaction and excitement up to and after launch and with the inclusion of a download button when the app has been launched it will have is a direct link to the app.   The landing page can also incorporate feedback from potential users pre and post launch to hear what people are saying and thinking about it.  Post launch it is a central area to then include user and support documentation and further information.

After researching landing pages this is a landing page I created for this app

Burst Marketing Campaign

A burst campaign concentrates advertising spend over a short period of time to quickly drive a high volume of downloads. When done correctly, a burst campaign results in a prominent ranking in the App Store.