Purchasing and adding Domain to my GoDaddy Hosting Package

After purchasing the domain http://www.SallyByford.co.uk I spoke to GoDaddy as it was not clear if I had hosting with the domain so I called the GoDaddy helpdesk to check this.  My GoDaddy package is the Delux cPanel with hosting.

The GoDaddy helpdesk confirmed my package with them did include hosting and I needed to add the domain to my GoDaddy hosting package.

To do this I logged into my GoDaddy account and select ‘My Products’ from the drop down menu:

I then selected ‘Web Hosting’ – ‘Manage’

And then selected ‘Manage’ on the screen below:

I then selected ‘Addon Domains’ on the top menu bar on the cPanel screen which appears next:

This is a view of the full screen:

Below – Although not shown on this screen you need to tick the ‘Create an FTP Account’

Select ‘Add Domain’

The domain http://www.SallyByford.co.uk has now been added to my hosting – I can now download WordPress via the cPanel to use with the domain.