Evaluation and Future Considerations

I feel this project was a huge learning curve for me which I have enjoyed working on. Developing a full static website via Zurb Foundation and code expanded my knowledge of code especially HTML and CSS which is an area I plan to continue to learn after leaving the course. I feel fortunate that throughout this project communication with my client has always been good. My client responded quickly when I asked for any information for the or for her thoughts on the designs. She did not already have a website which I feel but had clear ideas of what she wanted from the website which helped; she listened to my ideas on being more social via social media and LinkedIn and feels this is an area she would like to develop. It will give my client a ‘brand’ identity as I discussed with her however she felt at this point she did not want a logo this is an area I plan to discuss further and demonstrate the positives of to my client before dismissing it.

The actual design process took longer than anticipated although I had many ideas some from my research and some from my client herself I found it challenging with earlier designs not reflecting the essence of my clients work. This is clear now looking back at the final designs and comparing them against the first and early designs for the site.

On reflection I did not manage to complete all the areas I hoped to achieve before the end of the course but feel the knowledge I have learnt will allow me to continue with this. Although communication with my client was good she did request many changes throughout the project some I could include others I was unable to but discussed why with her and we came to other conclusions; this did slow the progress of the project down.

The transferring of the static version of the website again took longer than anticipated WordPress is a complex platform to learn including more PHP code which was challenging. I feel now I have a good grasp of this as I began to develop the WordPress theme but time constraints meant the template will be completed after the Degree Course has finished. I could have chosen other CMS options for example CushyCMS but felt WordPress offered more options for my client with the addition of plugins and analytics. I do plan to continue with the development of the website and WordPress template as my client will use this when it is finished. As a professional and under future considerations this project for my client is not yet complete and my work reflects my reputation in the industry. I plan to continue to develop and complete the website and thorough user testing and hand over a live website to my client remembering the website still belongs to me as the developer until I hand it over to my client and it is released.