Learning Curve

Adobe XD

I have enjoyed learning Adobe XD and learning how I can integrate this into other areas of the Adobe Design Suite. I had never done the majority of my design work for a project Adobe XD before and found it interesting doing this with the ability to quickly create prototypes it made demonstrating the website to my client more professional.

 Local Development – XAMPP

This was a total new area to me and it was interesting to develop my knowledge in this area, it was challenging with the initial problems I experience but through research managed to overcome these.

 Zurb Foundation and Atom (Code Editor)

Using both Zurb Foundation and Atom I was able to develop my coding skills and learn new aspects of code especially PHP. Learning and using GitHub too has allowed me to store snippets of my code has given me a central strorage area for me to refer to when I need them in the future.

WordPress – Development of theme

This was challenging for me as WordPress is quite complex but I feel once I had started working through the process of converting the static website it became clearer and is something I want to continue you with outside of the Degree Course.

Theses are only some of the skills I have identified above I have learnt and expanded over the last year I have learnt many more including working with a client which I imagine will be different on every project.

The majority of the skills I have learnt on this project are all-transferable and I plan to develop these further outside of the Degree Course through further study. The design and web industry is constantly developing and evolving; the skills I have learnt throughout this project are immense and have given me an excellent grounding to develop further in the future when working in industry.