Final App Designs


Below is a pdf file of all the ‘NeedITNow’ app screens created using ADOBE XD:















The App is split into sections:

Login/Create Account

User Profile













Login continued










Location Settings

Search Find Item

Local Offers


















App Settings














Retailer Area




Once the website is completed this is an area I will work on with my client. I have already discussed these ways of promoting the website and my client with her and she has initially agreed. I feel these could be effective ways of my client promoting herself and communicating with possible future clients and her target audience. As with all marketing each area will need updating regularly as fresh content is needed to keep followers engaged and interested. All of the options involve minimal cost if any – and are a cost effective way of marketing.

Social Media – Twitter

 Twitter is all about words and communicating with others. It allows users to share small chunks of information as tweets with links to enable interested users to explore more and click through to images and more detailed content. My client can use the platform professionally rather than personally tweeting about her subject area and industry.

I will suggest to me client to plan ahead and plan her tweets so tweeting and using the platform does not feel overwhelming and so she is prepared for future events with in the Publishing and Editorial Industry.

Plan What and When to Tweet










As Twitter is all about communicating my client will not only be able to post Tweets herself she will be able to follow, reply to and connect with other users and industry professionals as a way of promoting herself and her business.

Example of Tweets and Replies











Some of the main ways business and professionals use Twitter include:

  • Sharing information and content
  • Driving engagement for promotional activities
  • Interacting with consumers
  • Networking
  • Branding
  • Reputation management

Once the website is live Twitter can be used to promote and announce my client to the Twitter community and the world.


 Having a blog as part of the website is another way for my client to connect with her target audience who can subscribe to automatically receive any new posts make client.   The blog can reference my clients Twitter and her Tweets and vice versa both publicising each other together my client’s business as a whole. Again it is good to plan blog posts and what you would like to write about as more content is required in a blog post than a Tweet in most cases. More interaction and connections made via the blog will improve SEO and raise the prominence of the blog in search engines and the website as a link from the blog; driving traffic to the website. It is also possible to view the performance of the blog via Google Analytics and will my client a clearer picture of the most popular posts so she can get a feel as to what content readers prefer.

Linked In – Professional

 Currently my client does not have a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is a good way to connect and network with other industry professionals and potential clients who can clearly see your resume and area of expertise. This is a platform I feel would benefit my client if she were to have a profile on this platform which includes her professional resume with links to her website, blog and Twitter. Your LinkedIn profile is often one of the top search engine results when users search for a name and immediately allows my client to promote herself professionally and her expertise.













Source – Business2Community

I also suggested to my client sends an email or letter to all her current contacts to let them know of her new website and also as a way of reminding them of my client and her business which may prompt more work.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation and WordPress

SEO Search Engine Optimisation is focused on increasing visibility of a website in search engine results.  It’s aim is to increase awareness of a website in search engines, improve rankings and drive traffic to a site.  There are various aspects to SEO from keywords used on the website to the way other sites link to your site.  As this website with be created in WordPress I researched both SEO and how I can improve rankings for my clients website using WordPress SEO plugins.

SEO is complex and the exact formulas and algorithms used by the major search engines are not known, it is known though that the following are all important factors in a websites ranking:

  • Keywords
  • Site structure
  • Site speed
  • Number of inbound links

This is an important area of development for my clients website as better and optimised SEO can improve the number of visitors to a website and so improve the work and enquires my client could receive.

There are various SEO plugins for WordPress, I have chosen to implement and use the Yoast SEO plugin for the reasons listed below:
























Yoast SEO is a popular plugin and has a 5 star rating based on a large number of ratings 12,121 indicating that the plugin is widely used and is popular.  It is also listed above as having 1 + Million Active Installs which again indicates it is widely used and recommended.  The last updated was recorded as only 2 days ago this indicates the plugin is being maintained and updated.

Yoast uses a traffic light system to clearly indicate how well each of a WordPress sites pages are optimised and indicates exactly what can be improved.  Once the website has been handed over to my client and the SEO optimised if my client makes changes in the future this plugin helps the user and directs them how to improve SEO if any changes my client makes were to affect the original SEO setup.


This is an example of Yoast SEO results for a WordPress page below based on the keywords on that page.






This is an example of Yoast SEO readability results for a WordPress page and again indicates in red what can be improved.




The Yoast SEO plugin also has the option to include a sitemap and list the links of the pages which will help with SEO and ranking of the website.



Purchasing and adding Domain to my GoDaddy Hosting Package

After purchasing the domain I spoke to GoDaddy as it was not clear if I had hosting with the domain so I called the GoDaddy helpdesk to check this.  My GoDaddy package is the Delux cPanel with hosting.

The GoDaddy helpdesk confirmed my package with them did include hosting and I needed to add the domain to my GoDaddy hosting package.

To do this I logged into my GoDaddy account and select ‘My Products’ from the drop down menu:

I then selected ‘Web Hosting’ – ‘Manage’

And then selected ‘Manage’ on the screen below:

I then selected ‘Addon Domains’ on the top menu bar on the cPanel screen which appears next:

This is a view of the full screen:

Below – Although not shown on this screen you need to tick the ‘Create an FTP Account’

Select ‘Add Domain’

The domain has now been added to my hosting – I can now download WordPress via the cPanel to use with the domain.

Adding Dynamic Content – Introduction Section

To make the Introduction section on the Homepage of the theme dynamic so it can be edited through the WordPress I needed to add a loop and create a separate content.php file.

The area below highlighted in grey is the content being made dynamic.  Cut this highlighted code out of the index.php file:

Create a content.php file and add this code into the content.php file:





To make the code dynamic remove the static code above and add the code below so it looks for content.  Add the below code to the index.php file to call the external content.php file:









Through the WordPress dashboard update the Homepage as below adding ‘This is the home page’ as test data:


Then save and update the code and refresh the local blog homepage and the dynamic text ‘This is the home page’ is shown as below:


Custom Menus in WordPress

To be able to add a menu structure to the website theme I have to create the menu and navigation area.  Currently there is not an option for menus on the WordPress dashboard.

Before the code is added the menus option does not appear in the WordPress menu option under Appearance

For a ‘Menu’ option to appear in the ‘Appearance’ menu I need to add the following code to the theme theme functions.php file.









After the code is added it is then possible to select and edit custom menus from within WordPress in the ‘Appearance’ menu below as ‘Menus’ is now an option.


Marketing Merchandise

Promotional merchandise can be an important part of a marketing strategy. Promotional merchandise can create brand recognition, they have longevity and can be useful items i.e. mug they can also increase brand awareness for the recipient and those around the recipient.

They can increase customer loyalty we all like to receive something for free or a gift and the positive emotion when receiving the merchandise will be associated with the brand. Many items such as mugs, pens or key rings are in everyday use and therefore at the forefront of the consumers mind consciously or subconsciously suggesting that this continuous reminder will increase the chances of the recipient purchasing from or using the brand incase the app.

The cost of purchasing marketing merchandise can be considerably less than other forms of advertising and as they have longevity decrease the need to produce mass quantities.

Examples of possible marketing merchandise for this app