GoDaddy – initial problems

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Once I had purchased my domain I initially had problems accessing the CPanel and found this was due to the GoDaddy’s security and ports (port 2083).  Once IT staff at the Hull School of Art and Design allowed access I could access my CPanel.

This is a screen shot of the error message:

Purchasing a domain and hosting

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As I would be creating a website for this project I would need to purchase a domain and web hosting.  I researched a number of web hosting providers to see which I felt was the best for me; the only prerequisite was that CPanel was provided.  I looked at what each host provider offered, looking specifically at:

  • is CPanel offered?
  • customer support
  • disk space
  • email accounts
  • number of websites
  • price

After researching other host providers I finally decided on GoDaddy.  I found good reviews for GoDaddy and they scored highly on the following website for 2015:

I chose the GoDaddy Deluxe option for 1 year which offers unlimited websites, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage.   With unlimited storage and websites I felt this would allow me to develop more sites when I have learn’t how to use the GoDaddy CPanel.  Whether I continue to use GoDaddy after the initial year depends on many factors including their customer support.

This is a link to the GoDaddy hosting package:

This is my hosting package: