Year 2 – Semester 1 Museum Contextual Project – Amy Johnson

The assignment brief asks that I consider the ‘interactive experience’ of those using or existing in the provided theme as a virtual space and examine both the sensory (touch, feel, sight and hearing) and participatory interaction and the relevance of the space to that interaction.  From this produce an interactive piece, concept only which interprets a physical space as a virtual space in the terms of concepts and user experience.

This blog will detail my journey in doing this and show my learning experience and the tools I use to develop the design.  I have chosen to design an interactive tablet application which allows the user to engage and interact with the Amy Johnson Exhibition at Sewerby Hall and Gardens in Sewerby.  I have chosen Amy Johnson who was born and grew up in Hull after visiting the Hull Street Life Centre in Hull where there is a very small area dedicated to her in the form of a window display.  Amy Johnson is famous for flying solo to Australia in 1930 a time when it was unheard of for women to be pilots. I have chosen to base my tablet application on the exhibition at Sewerby rather than the Hull Street Life Centre as there is a larger collection of Amy Johnson memorabilia for the visitor to interact and engage with there.