Year 2 Semester 1 – Elements Project (Wind, Water, Fire and Earth)

Before starting on this project I wanted to break down the requirements of the project and what was needed.  The project brief states we have been asked by a 21st century museum to build a interactive website to assist in the marketing of their current exhibition on the elements.  The museum’s audience varies from the very young to senior age.  Look at publicising the exhibition and marketing to get maximum footfall and integrate this into the website.

Project Plan

Discovery Phase

  • Research
    • other museums both local and national
    • interactive exhibits
    • elements – subject matter
    • audience
  • Create personas
  • Create user journeys
  • Colour theory
  • Create mood boards
  • wireframes
  • prototype/mockups

Development (Conceptually)

  • login screen
  • email form for data capture
  • a photographical gallery
  • graphical imagery including audio/video

Also include 

  • SEO search engine optimisation
  • analytics
  • marketing
  • one element of flash or JQuery

When complete I will review my work and finished website to see what has worked well, what I have learned and what I feel I could have done better.